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You are about to begin the online application process for your child to be considered in the random Choice lottery that will be conducted in March 2022 for placement in a Choice program for the 2022-2023 school year.

The online application is easy to use and allows parents/legal guardians the ability to manage their child’s application throughout the application and lottery selection process. Parents/legal guardians will also have the option to apply and check the status of their application on their mobile devices.

If your child is currently a student in the Palm Beach County School District, you will need to enter his/her Student ID# to begin the application.

Before beginning the application, we ask that you read our Requirements and Policies.

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The Department of Choice and Career Options would like to assure all applicants that the information gathered on this application is kept confidential, and will not be shared with anyone outside our office. Information regarding an applicant/application will not be discussed with any individual not identified on the students contact screen as a custodial parent or guardian.

El Departamento de Programas de Especialización y Carreras Vocacionales quiere asegurarles a todos los solicitantes que la información reunida en esta solicitud es confidencial y no se compartirá con nadie fuera de nuestra oficina. No se hablará sobre la información relacionada con el solicitante/solicitud con ninguna persona que no esté identificada en la lista de contactos del estudiante como el padre o tutor con derecho a custodia.


Depatman Espesyalizasyon ak Opsyon pwofesyonèl ta renmen fè tout aplikan yo konnen nou kenbe enfòmasyon nou kolekte nan aplikasyon sa a konfidansyèl, epi nou p ap pataje yo avèk pèsòn ki pa anplwaye biwo nou an. Nou p ap diskite enfòmasyon ki konsène aplikan/aplikasyon yo avèk moun ki pa idantifye kòm paran oswa responsab yon elèv nan sistèm nan.



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