Middle School Students


The Construction Program prepares students for college and for employment in the building construction industry by providing the skills necessary to enter home-building, general contracting and related industries. This program focuses on broad transferable skills, stresses the understanding of all aspects of the building construction industry and demonstrates such essential elements of the industry including: architecture, engineering, planning, management, finance, technical, and production skills. Incorporated in the curriculum are the underlying principles of technology, labor issues, community issues, health, safety and environmental issues. Training will occur in the classroom, lab, and at actual job sites. There are no eligibility criteria required for students applying to these programs.

Seminole Ridge Community High
West Technical Education Center

In-House (You can only apply to the in-house program if you reside in the school zone)
Atlantic Community High
Lake Worth Community High
William T. Dwyer High

*For details regarding specific programs offered at each school, please see the Choice Programs Booklet