Palm Beach Students

Multimedia and Television Production

Students will  learn the fundamentals of  journalism, story-boarding, scripting, lighting, and equipment set up. Students will demonstrate an understanding of control room operations, such as superimposing, operating internal key sources, chroma key applications, and altering key colors.  Students will also demonstrate an understanding of video editing skills by learning hands-on with professional non-linear editing software.

With an intensive focus on Journalism for the first year, students will strengthen their writing skills. The second year curriculum includes instruction in camera systems, operations, sound, graphics, editing, lighting, and staging before moving onto the final year where the students will engage in hands-on, team-oriented experiences with production as the goal.  This strong writing and production program will support rigor in our academic Language Arts courses and link to the content of our two Informational Technology (IT) courses.

Osceola Creek Middle

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